Laboratory Animals
Good animal welfare and good quality research go hand in hand
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About the company

Ritusri Life sciences is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Dedicated to supply vide range of Pharma and Biotech products that support innovative exploration in analytical, Microbiological, Animal house and research areas..


Pharma and Biotech services


Type of services

Regulatory inspection support

Microbiology expertise

Animal house expertise

Technical writing support etc…

Microbiological media and Reagents

Supply of All ranges of Microbiological liquid and Solid Media.

  • Dehydrated culture media
  • Bacterial endotoxin reagents
  • Isolate identification kits
  • Aseptic process media
  • All kinds of ready to use media

Product range details

  • Microbiological media and Reagents
  • Analytical reagents & Analytical instruments
  • Animal feed and animal cages
  • Animal bedding
  • Laboratory Animals
  • Laboratory Glassware

Animal bedding

Description of product in detail for all products.
Biodegradable, Natural and Nontoxic Fundamentally dust-free, Tested and qualified, excellently adsorbent, Available in different sizes with defined uniformity, eco-pleasant starting materials. Available in 25 kg PP bags

Laboratory Glassware

Wide range of glassware for analytical laboratories


Analytical reagents & Analytical instruments

Laboratory Animals

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